Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Lanzie and William and Desmond Recount: Team 4 Trade Fair

This term we had a trade fair and we got to see some awesome stuff you can buy stuff and you can eat cup cupcake and cake and it was so yummy.

We have to think about how do we get lot of money and me and my buddies said let make our paddle board 2.50pt and that how you get money.

My group is called the toys group it is so fun to make toy do you know how to make some toys it is so fun to paint the paddle board if you want to make one it is so easy you can make it at you group and it only cost 3PT for 3 can t you believe it it is so cool i hope i can do this next term.

My buddy said let's  do some stickers in or paddle board and it will be cool  and when it is time you will get to get lot of fun and when it time to buy the paddle board it is lot of fun and when you buy it it only 1Pt and you get one free.

DO you know that we get money for sitting up and helping each other and some of the teachers give us 1pt and 2pt and up  if you don’t you will get nothing so you have to try hard.

HI my name is Lanzie and Desmond and William

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