Thursday, 18 August 2016

Desmond Mighty Muscles

                                              i learn that we have a lot of  muscles  and when you kick the ball hundred of muscle team up when you kick the ball.  

Thursday, 26 May 2016

wool and nail art

Today we did wool and nail art first we had to get a piece of wood and a star and then we got 11 nail and a hammer and we had to hammer the nail in to the points of the star and then we got wool and made our pattern and then we had to take a photo and this is my design.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Desmond Titanium Music Video

he was in the hallway and then he was walking through the  it   and then he saw the teacher and the teacher look at him like she was scared. and then she close the door but  he kept walking  and then he went  outside but then he saw the Police and then he ran to his  Bike and he ride his bike all the way home but on the way home he saw two Ladies  running and when he got home he went to his room  and he pack him some stuff and then he try to get out the back door but it won’t open and then he use his Powers and he got the keys and Unlock  the window and ran to Towards the woods  and the Police saw him but he was still running but then he look back will he was running a Police Front man was in Front of him and then he fell on the Ground and a Light  came out of him and it blew the Police away the end

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Desmond haunted house

One Day me and  Patrick were walking  through A haunted forest and we came across a haunted house  and I dared Patrick to walk into the house and he walk slowly in and as soon as he turned Around and  he got kill and I was calling out to him and he did Answer me and I walk into the house and I was still calling out to him still didn't Answer me and I was look for him and I saw blood on the Ground and I  followed the Blood and it went into the room and I saw Patrick
lying on the Ground Dead and I know he is hiding somewhere in this house  but then i got kill and we were never Sing Again the end.

Desmond Rongoa Maori